EGF and Bundjalung Tribal Society have partnered with Hungry Earth Ecology and Growing Roots Garden to create a mixed enterprise farm using successional agro-forestry production systems on Bundjalung Tribal Society's 31 hectare property in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW Australia.

Successional agroforestry systems is an intensively planned and managed farming approach designed to mimic a natural ecology's development and function. To the successional farmer, a lemon tree, an avocado, a blueberry, a finger lime, or any species, which is not a true pioneer, will never thrive when planted in isolation and without a diverse ecology around it.

Bundjalung Tribal Society is a local Indigenous organisation founded by members of the Bundjalung Aboriginal Nation.  Hungry Earth Ecology and Growing Roots Garden are regenerative farmers and trainers based in the Northern Rivers and who provide hands-on farm-based support to groups seeking to deliver socially responsible and sustainable primary production.

Through the project, Bundjalung Tribal Society seeks to provide opportunity for its community members to engage in training and work in sustainable agriculture and horticulture. 

Reinstating productive output at the property is the initial stage of a wider vision of the Bundjalung Tribal Society and which inludes a broader business enterprise which will support Bundjalung people's health and well being.

In December 2017, the project commenced with a half-hectare planting plot being created. As at June 2019 a further three plots have been developed and all plots maintained to maximise successional plant growth.  Further plots are currently being planned and the next working day will be in early July 2019.

Northern NSW Australia

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