EGF proposes to design and deliver an Indigenous Community WiFi Interface that will provide WiFi access to multiple, independent, pre-paid and password-protected users at an ICP WiFi hotspot. The ICWI project, if successfully implemented, will provide foundation infrastructure and opportunity for remote Indigenous communities and organisations to service and maintain their local ICP wifi networks.

It is intended that the ICWI data management system will become a commercially sustainable web-based service managed by local Indigenous agencies through the project lifecycle, with the potential to become an Indigenous controlled business providing opportunity for employment in the DE across remote Northern Australia.

The ICWI Project also has spin-off economic and social benefits by facilitating expanded uptake of the digital economy in remote Indigenous communities, both within the ICP service network and through collaboration with other service providers to communities outside the ICP services.

The ICWI Project will provide training and part-time employment to 3 local Digital Community Liaison Officer’s (CLO) for 6 months during the research, design and development phase of the project. On successful completion of the pilot, the CLO position will be transferred with ownership of the ICWI to the local agency, with some additional mentoring from EGF should it be required.

Groote Eylandt & Alice Springs, NT ; Umuwa, SA
EGF - Renita Glencross and Paul Williamson
3C Projects, IRCA, Tangentyere Council, PY Media