Project progress 

EGF member Alex Robin recently returned from Mocoa in Colombia where he has spent a few months with the Inga community, walking and talking with them about how best EGF can assist their capacity to develop a responsive community development program. His report details the intensity of the remote and hostile environment in which they are trying to maintain their cultural ties to land and knowledge. 

With EGF assistance, Alex was able to set up a new mobile phone, computer and digital camera at the Mama Wasi community healing space, which will enable the Taita (shamans) to start a digital archive for endemic traditional medicines and healing practices. Consultations via phone and skype will continue to assist documentation of the project over the next 12 months, and another visit to Mocoa later in the year will follow up other and create more opportunities for the Inga people to maintain, use and share their unique knowledge and heritage.

Further engagement will focus on:

  • Formalising the digital database and contributing to other medicinal plant archives.

  • Strategic planning for an organisational structure so that the Inga Healing Centre to provide both medicinal and cultural services to the community that is independent of local government, paramiliatary and guerilla organisations. The Healing Centre objectives are primarily to maintain culturally strength and deal with social problems in a culturally appropriate way.

  • Further funding for independent pre & post-natal care center at Mama-Wasi Women’s Centre for the young displaced families coming through/into town.

  • Cultural education programs at the local Inga school, which might include field trips with elders and digital stories to complement the existing Inga Song Project.

Read the full report here »

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