A community wide Internet and community WiFi system has been developed with the Yugil Mangi and Ngukurr Arts Aboriginal Corporations in the Arnhem Land Town of Ngukurr (Population of 974 Indigenous persons and a total of 1,056 as at 2011.).

The WiFi system comprises a wide-area mesh network that covers 40% of the community area and a standalone Hitnet Information Kiosk located at the community store, which provides information on a range of topics.  The kiosk's touch screen guides users to age and gender appropriate information and entertainment on local and regional information, services, health messages and events.

The service is providing access for many people with limited access to important health information or participating in the digital economy

The first 12 months of service usage data shows around 40 people using the WiFi network each day and 20 people interacting with the Hitnet Kiosk with about 12 of these users making purposeful inquiries regards health and or community information.

Our goal is to obtain ongoing funding to continue services for the community and expand activities including training and education for community members to take opportunities available to them in the digital economy.


Ngukurr, Northern Territory Australia
Hitnet, Yugul-Ngukurr Nyus, University of Wollongong, Yugul Mangi, Ngukurr Arts Centre

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