Traditional Entertainment and Kastom Support Program is a grassroots cultural development and youth engagement initative that will promote diverse traditional heritage and values and contemporary creativity through music, songs, stories, art and dance. It's primary objective is empowering ni-Vanuatu to develop long-term social and commercial enterprises in the industries of creative arts, agriculture and communications that are culturally, socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

TEKS Program has also received significant support from The Christensen Fund, and has been awarded the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum Label.

TEKS is a collaborative undertaking between Canal Studio and Further Arts.  It aims to support TEKS Unit to undertake its activities in traditional knowledge and wisdom transfer and cultural development, through Mini-Arts Festivals (MAFs) in Gaua, Port Olry, Fanafo, Hokua, and Ambrym; promoting and preserving these cultural practices while engaging young people in the apprecaition of their diverse cultural heritage.

This will be acheived through Kastom ceremonies in five Northern Vanuatu communities - marking agreement between TEKS and its collaborating communities; performances of Kastom groups at Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival in Luganville and Fest’Napuan in Port Vila - providing opportunities for Kastom groups to perform alongside urban-based contemporary musical groups; and five traditional practice/wisdom videos and/or other multimedia content and broadcast on national television, radio, and the internet - helping to increase the amount of Vanuatu cultural content in the media.

EGF funds will be used to provide critical support to technical aspects of the project:

  • Transport for team members to visit rural communities to ascertain needs of the community for the implementation of Mini Arts Festivals;
  • Training and mentoring of the youth media production crew especially in editing and post-production; 
  • October Arts Festival support


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