Through grass-roots hands-on community-based works, EGF helps to build community capacity and sustainability

EGF provides resources to communities for:

  • Project and Service Delivery 
  • Advocacy

EGF is a registered Australian charity and we operate under a constitution that requires all resources to be directed only to the purposes of the organisation.  That is, to develop support and deliver community-based projects.

The Board of Directors operate the company virtually and pro-bono; that is, without an office space or staff. This enables the company to maintain its constitutional ethics towards environment as well as achieve financial objectives of keeping overheads low and maximising impact. 

EGF's members provide the skills and knowledge needed to deliver outcomes.  Our members reside in many countries however, the majority live in Australia.

 Examples of our work to date follows.  

EGF implements project initiatives by nurturing relationships between communities, organisations and our members and supporting them through their project.  


Service Activities

  • Communications and Media
  • Community Arts
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Environmental Health and Housing
  • Municipal Operations
  • Infrastructure and Services
  • Community and Organisational Governance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Training and Assessment: skills and competency audits
  • Organisational Governance
  • Grant Funding: applications, management, acquittals
  • Asset Management: auditing, assessment, planning
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Planning, Development and Evaluation
  • Project Planning, Implementation and Management
  • Compliance & Integrity Reviews
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Disaster Recovery Program Coordination

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 Through it’s not-for-profit member-based structure EGF provides expert "consultants" who work across a variety of program sectors, including inter-discinplinary aspects of the arts, health, environment and sustainable livelihoods development.